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"The Turnaround" Synopsis

"The Turnaround" is a story set in the Mexican Gang culture of Los Angeles. It spans 20 years in the life of two brothers, Jay and B, who grow up in a small house with only their three uncles as caretakers and role models. The most prominent father figure in their life is their Uncle Ricky. As children, Jay and B witness Uncle Ricky, a gangster, and drug dealer, savagely beat down one of his junky clients. Uncle Ricky tells the boys that one day they would be like him because "it's in the blood." 

 B starts having crippling anxiety attacks, but because he refuses to be seen as weak, he is forced to deal with them on his own. But after trying and failing at white-knuckling his way through, and with his panic attacks worsening, causing an intense feeling of helplessness, B decides to secretly seek help from a counselor named Max, who eventually becomes his friend and confidant. 

As B battles his own nature and the old habits of a hard upbringing, his inner self isn't what he sees in the mirror, he must choose between living life with integrity and maintaining his street cred. Unfortunately, when B takes what Max teaches him and uses it in the real world, the results are not immediate. Nevertheless, B determines to be a better man and will do anything to rid himself of the ongoing anxiety attacks. It is not an easy road. 
The Turnaround (Trailer)

The Turnaround (Trailer)

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